Circuit Breaker Keeps TrippingDo you have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping? Besides being annoying, it indicates an electrical issue you must address. Flipping the switch that has cut off the lights is easy, but electricity is nothing to mess around with. There are several reasons a circuit breaker will trip. You can try to identify the problem yourself by checking a few reasons that typically trip a breaker. Call a licensed electrical contractor if the idea of any electrical DIY project makes you break out in a sweat.

Is Circuit Overload To Blame

Circuit breakers trip whenever electrical currents are too high and unsafe. Fire prevention is first and foremost. Breakers help prevent electrical shocks and damage to your home and family. You may also have a ground fault or short circuit causing a breaker to trip. Overload happens when too many items are trying to draw electricity simultaneously. For example, if the circuit breaker trips every time you use a hair dryer, you have exceeded the electrical capacity.

Large appliances use a lot of electricity. You may choose to have your washer and dryer, HVAC, refrigerator, and dishwasher on their own dedicated circuit. We’ve introduced more electronics into our homes that draw more electricity usage than ever before.

Code Your Breaker Box Switches

Locate your breaker box and make sure it is easily accessible. Open the panel door and check to see if the switches are labeled. The label indicates which area of the home each switch represents. Rooms with heavy usage, such as the kitchen, or home office, may have more than one switch. Turn each circuit breaker box switch off one at a time to determine their locations. Labeling them is highly recommended and will help when you need to address an electrical problem.

Turning The Circuit Breaker On

Exceeding maximum amperage will trip the circuit breaker, moving a switch from the on to the off position. You can flip the switch to the on position, and your electricity will resume. It’s simple, but you’ll still need to address the issue if it persists. Some areas of your home may be at the edge of capacity. Plugging another appliance or charger in may push the maximum amperage over that line resulting in a temporary power outage. Wear gloves to turn the switch in case sparking occurs, in which case it’s time to call the professionals.

Reducing Sporadic Power Outages

Did your power leave you in the dark without any notice? You need to go to the breaker box and check to see which switch flipped to the off position. Turn it back on. Do you have a fully loaded power strip charging several items simultaneously? Is it shared with a major appliance, such as a refrigerator? Moving the power strip to another area could solve that problem. Check other rooms for signs that you’re not overloading the amperage.

Keeping you, your family, and your property safe is paramount. Having your electricity go out sporadically is annoying and potentially dangerous. When your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it may be an obvious fix by moving some items to other areas of your home. If you have any misgivings about your electricity, it’s better to be cautious. JQ Electric can give you a professional assessment to put your mind at ease so you can rest easy.