JQ Electrical Breaker Upgrade FeaturedElectric Panel & Circuit Breaker Upgrades

It’s critical to keep your electrical system fully functional and up to date. Are you planning on purchasing an appliance, or an electric car, that requires a lot of electricity? A licensed electrical contractor knows how much electricity appliances need and if your current system can handle the load. You may benefit from an updated electrical panel or circuit breaker. People are using more electricity than ever with our electronic charging needs.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

An overloaded breaker box can wreak havoc, and disaster, if not taken care of properly. When you tap additional high-usage items into your electrical system, ensure the system can handle the load. Look around your home. Do you have a plethora of electronics charging at the same time? The breaker box has numerous switches that will trip when overloaded.

Is one of your breakers tripping often because it’s overloaded? Simply replacing it with a higher amp breaker isn’t necessarily the answer. A breaker drawing 25 amps on a 20 amp breaker overheats, posing a fire risk. Even if your circuit breaker box isn’t that old, you may have exceeded its capacity. You may need an upgrade. A licensed electrical contractor can inspect and remedy any electrical issues safely.

The electrician will replace the old circuit breaker with a new one to upgrade the circuit breaker. Although this isn’t highly technical, having a licensed electrician upgrade your breaker box is money well spent. Some DIY projects are a slam dunk. Electricity isn’t one of them.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Are you in the market for a hot tub or a new appliance? Before you accept delivery, call us to assess the new load required for your electrical panel. If you’re buying an electric car, you’ll need an electric home car charger installed specifically for your vehicle. The time it takes to upgrade your electrical panel will depend on the condition of the current wiring.

Upgrading your electrical panel may only take a few hours. But there are numerous safety factors a licensed electrician will take into account. Electrical panels generally last 25-40 years. But, with the increase in today’s electrical usage, you may need to upgrade sooner.

Do your lights flicker when a large appliance such as a dishwasher or laundry machine starts? Do your circuit breakers keep tripping? These are signs you need a licensed electrician to inspect your system. Is on or around the electrical panel warm? When small appliances shock you, you smell burning or sparks from an outlet, call JQ Electric!

You can avoid electrical problems by having an annual inspection of your entire electrical system. It’s easy to forget about the electricity that services our homes until there is a problem. Scheduling recurring inspections will keep your belongings and family safe!