Our residential electrical services are top notch! The owner, John Quesenberry is directly involved with every service call. Ensuring the best attention to detail and customer service.

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading Your Electric To Code

Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel to code? JQ Electric has your safety in mind. Older construction or worn out parts could pose a risk.

Ceiling Fans

JQ Electric Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide energy savings all year round. Fans can be essential on warner days and also help move warm air around on cooler days.

Interior Lighting

JQ Electric Interior Lighting

Consider different types of lighting when designing your space. Up-lighting provides depth, accent lighting adds contrast and spot lighting sets focus.

Attic Exhaust Fans

JQ Electric Attic Fans

Attic and exhaust fans are instrumental in keeping your home’s temperature comfortable. Having a professional installation, and performing annual inspections, is best.

Security Lighting

JQ Electric Security Lighting

A well lit home is a safer home! Adding security lighting adds an extra layer of deterrent, keeping burglars away more often. Leave your porch light on and add security lighting.

Vehicle Chargers

JQ Electric Tesla Home Charger

When you buy an electric vehicle you will need a professional to install the home charger. Call a company with experience. JQ Electric has installed hundreds of EV Home Chargers.

Smoke And Carbon Detectors

Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember the last time you changed your smoke or carbon detector. For safety’s sake and peace of mind, ask JQ Electric for a regular maintenance check. JQ can make sure your family’s health comes first.

Cable And Ethernet Wiring

Call JQ Electric to get your cable and Ethernet wiring installed per specifications. Decide how many rooms you need to be wired and let JQ take care of the rest. Then on game day, you won’t have to worry about things going wrong.

Real Estate Inspection and Repairs

Inspections are crucial when buying a new or previously owned home. Even brand-new homes may have critical, overlooked problems. Having JQ Electric complete the inspection is in your best interest before signing on the final dotted line.

Basements, Additions, And Sunrooms

Any addition to your home will need electrical services installed to make the best use of your new living space. A professional electrician can recommend the best placement for outlets for all your needs.

Additional Electrical Services

With decades of experience, we can certainly take a look at anything we have not listed. If you have a custom project or an issue you that “no one” can solve, give us a call. We are licensed Maryland Master Electricians.