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When do you need a Residential Electrician? People rarely expect their electricity to go out. It will, and when it does, how many people have the name and number of an outstanding electrician at their fingertips?

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading Your Electric To Code

Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel to code? JQ Electric has your family’s safety in mind. Older construction or worn out hardware could pose a fire risk.

Ceiling Fans

JQ Electric Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide energy savings all year round. and can be essential on warmer days and also help move warm air around on cooler days.

Interior Lighting

JQ Electric Interior Lighting

Consider different types of lighting when designing your space. Up-lighting provides depth, accent lighting adds contrast and spot lighting sets focus.

Attic Exhaust Fans

JQ Electric Attic Fans

Attic and exhaust fans are instrumental in keeping your home’s temperature comfortable. Having a professional installation, and performing annual inspections, is best.

Security Lighting

JQ Electric Security Lighting

A well lit home is a safer home! Adding security lighting adds an extra layer of deterrent, keeping burglars away more often. Leave your porch light on and add security lighting.

Vehicle Chargers

JQ Electric Tesla Home Charger

When you buy an electric vehicle you will need a professional to install the home charger. Call a company with experience. JQ Electric has installed hundreds of EV Home Chargers.

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Residential Electrician Tips

  • Types of Electrical Outlets
    Types of Electrical Outlets
    Electrical outlets are standard in most United States homes. Also known as sockets or power outlets, they do as their name suggests and bring electricity into buildings. These electrical outlets allow us to power all our devices daily without thinking much about it. Flipping on the lights, watching television, blending...
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  • 11 Common Types of Light Switches
    11 Common Types of Light Switches
    Light switches have an important job – to turn on or off the lights. But besides lighting up the room, there are various types of light switches. Each switch serves a different purpose. 1. Single-Pole Switches A single-pole switch is one of the most common types of light switches used...
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