Residential Electric Vehicle ChargersYou need a residential electric vehicle charger if you have an electric vehicle! People are switching to electric vehicles, EVs, every day and need charging stations at their homes. Charging stations are available for public use, but there isn’t a line at your Electric vehicle charger in the garage. Your car can charge when you’re enjoying a backyard BBQ or sleeping. Installing a home EV charger is best left to a licensed contractor. JQ Electric will ensure the charger you choose suits your needs and will follow electrical codes for safe installation.

EV Battery Levels

EV batteries come in different levels or strengths. You’ll need to consider the driving distance you desire before deciding on the battery level and charging station. They come in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Contractors typically install Levels 1 and 2 in home garages. You’ll see level 3 charging stations for industrial use, such as the ones for public service. They run on 480 volts. Level 3 charges much more quickly but are cost-prohibitive for residential use as a general rule.

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers

A level 2 charger runs on 240 volts, similar to other large home appliances. That doesn’t mean you can plug it into the wall. Chargers are more complex and require proper installation by a licensed contractor, or you risk a devastating fire. A level 2 will add roughly 25-30 miles of driving distance per hour of charging.

Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger

A level 1 charger runs on 110 voltage. These chargers are cheaper, but charging your EV battery will take much longer. Your driving range will only increase by about 4-5 miles per hour that you charge your car.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Roughly 80% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home. A level 2 charging station is the fastest and most efficient choice. It’s gentler, which extends the life of your EV battery.

Call JQ Electric so we can help you determine your EV charging needs and complete the installation. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your home’s electrical system and your EV are in good hands.