Service Entrance Cable

Service entrance cables carry electricity from your electricity provider into any building, including your home. They are installed by a professional and run from the provider’s service pole to your home. 

Who Owns What

You are responsible for the cables outside your home into the meter and the wires running from the meter to your service panel and fuse box. Additionally, you are responsible for the metal box, known as a meter base, which houses the meter, service fuse box, circuit breaker, fuses, and all of the wiring inside your home. The electrical supplier owns the meter, the transformer, and all cables inside the transformer that run to your meter. 

Why Replace My Service Cable

Service entrance cables are wires that can only be above ground and are constantly exposed to the elements and nature. Over time, moisture, oxidation, and the expansion and contraction of heating and cooling seasonal temperatures cause degradation. 

Extremely hot temperatures cause the cables to overheat, making it hard for the current to flow properly. The wires can also become frayed or worn due to exposure to the elements, including snow, rain, or direct sun. Storms that bring heavy winds and falling branches can also cause damage to the cables. 

Even if a natural element isn’t the direct cause, wires can get worn over time. Constant wind, vibration, and animal encounters can slowly cause wear and tear until the damage is too much.

Exposed service entrance cables can pose significant dangers. If hot and ground wires touch, they can ignite a fire; if touched, they can give you an electric shock or electrocution. You should never touch these wires but allow a professional to handle them. 

How Do I Know If My Lines Need Replacing 

Most people rarely, if ever, think of checking their service entrance cables to see if there are no electrical issues in the home. These cables are also mostly out of view, higher up on the house, and intentionally conspicuous. Because of this, you may not notice damaged, frayed, or exposed cables. However, if you do, you know it is time to replace them!

Other things to look out for that may be more obvious include a power outage. Pretty quickly, we notice when the power goes out at once. If your house is the only one, especially not during a storm, faulty service cables may be to blame—additionally, flickering or dimming lights or a constantly tripped breaker. 

If you have any doubts about the source of the problem, you don’t have to diagnose it yourself. Our electricians are knowledgeable about electrical issues of all sizes!

Professional Service Entrance Cable Replacement 

If your lines are faulty or unsafe, you must get an electrician to immediately replace your service entrance cables. The danger associated with trying to repair service entrance cables yourself is not worth it; your electrician should replace them entirely for your safety. Only a licensed electrician should replace or upgrade electrical equipment. When your electricity goes out, give JQ a shout.