JQ Electric Interior LightingThe options for interior lighting are as vast as your or your decorator’s imagination. Lighting can change the entire feel of a room with the flip of a switch. Dimmer switches made quite a splash when they entered the market. Since then, lighting options have expanded exponentially. You should seriously consider using a licensed electrical contractor to install new fixtures for safety. Call JQ Lighting to help you choose fixtures and install them, too! Keep reading for a variety of ideas for different lighting.

Choosing The Right Style of Lighting

The right lighting style instantly upgrades the feeling of any room in your house. You’ll want different lighting for an office than your bedroom. Kitchens offer many opportunities to add unique fixtures for ambiance and lighting to assist in meal-prepping tasks. A game room with a pool table will need a chandelier-style light over the table. Dimmers are popular because they allow bright and low light in the same fixture. If you like to decorate, picking out different lighting styles will be very enjoyable.

Interior Accent Light Fixtures

You can use accent lighting to highlight a painting, statue, or indoor fountain or emphasize another piece of artwork. Track lighting often has three, five, or seven cans you can point in different directions. You’ll also find track lighting available in pendant styles in virtually every color imaginable. Many people err on the side of conventional types. Lighting can be expensive, whereas adding color with decorative pillows is less costly to change out. When decorating your home, you may want to consider wall sconces, floodlights, recessed lighting, and other accent types.

Ambient Interior Lighting

Ambient lighting done properly brings warmth to a room that feels natural. You might add soft lighting under kitchen cabinets or in office bookcases. They are decorative but also bring light to an area you want to highlight. Ambient fixtures complement a room’s brighter existing lighting and decorations. They are often dimmable and on separate switches. You’ll find standard and more decorative fixtures for every budget. Lighting manufacturers have created all colors and shapes imaginable to satisfy every consumer’s desire.

Interior Task Lighting Fixtures

Decorators use interior task lighting fixtures to focus on a specific job or function. Your bedside reading lamp is an example. An office reading lamp is task lighting. Outdoor flood lamps fall into the same category. Choose a task lighting fixture to illuminate a desired work surface area. Hallway sconces act as guides in an otherwise dark hallway. Nightlights in bathrooms, spare rooms, and hallways are an inexpensive and valuable way to reduce accidents.

Selecting your lighting is as important as choosing the appliances and furniture for a room. It would be best to pick light fixtures based on the activities you use the space for. Flood lights aren’t appropriate for the bedroom. Choosing the best lighting can be challenging with so many options on the market. Lighting should add to the room and enhance the activities, not detract from them.

Have you been scouring the internet for lighting ideas so long your head is spinning? Close your computer and call JQ Electric. They have the knowledge, experience, and desire to bring you the best lighting for your home!