John Quensenberry

About JQ Electric’s Passion

What is JQ Electrical all about? When your electricity goes on the blink, the repercussions can range from annoying to life-threatening. Johnny’s love of his profession is crystal clear. He treats every job, regardless of size, as if he were working for his family. His dedication and commitment to keeping your electricity in top shape are admirable. Your call will be answered regardless of the hour. If JQ’s phone rings at 3 am, he knows it’s probably a work call. He’s an active listener, knowing that this is the key to understanding his client’s needs. He grabs his keys and heads out to take care of business. Because of this work ethic, some of his clients consider him the Superman of electricians!

More About JQ Electric

Along with his wife , Molly, they have nine-year-old twins and a six-year-old daughter. In addition, they’ve adopted a rescue dog, making for a busy household. The kids participate in several sports, and Johnny coaches basketball, baseball, and football.

Molly wears numerous hats as well. She is a mom (chauffeur, cook, and housekeeper) and has a full-time job. Their bustling schedule would make most people’s heads spin. That makes it even more impressive that JQ takes service calls days, weekends, and in the middle of the night.

JQ works primarily with residential clients. With 25+ years of electrical experience, he makes the perfect fit for residential projects. Johnny does service work for commercial electrical projects as well. His skill set is impressive, allowing him to fix any electrical problem.

Working directly with the owner of a company brings many people peace of mind. There is never a question about who will appear at the job. When a problem arises, Johnny will fix it in a timely fashion. His pleasant, professional manner and exemplary customer service are second to none. People rarely expect their electricity to go out. When it does, how many people have the name and number of an outstanding electrician at their fingertips? Now is an excellent time to put JQ’s phone number, 301-221-2164, on your speed dial.