Smoke and Carbon Monoxide DetectorsYou’ll increase your family’s and property’s safety by having hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed professionally. Are you guilty of replacing batteries in smoke alarms solely when they start that annoying, constant beeping? That’s the beauty of hardwired detectors. They run on electricity and only have backup battery power during power outages. JQ Electric will expertly install your hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you and your family can rest easy.

Benefits of Hardwired Detectors

Houses are built larger and more soundproof than ever before. Nearly every room on every floor needs a smoke and carbon monoxide detector for adequate safety coverage. Battery-run smoke detectors need to have the batteries checked regularly. It would be best to change the battery immediately when the chirping sound starts. But who does that? Eventually, the chirping will stop, and so will the safety provided by that alarm. And battery-run smoke detectors only sound in one room. Other people aren’t alerted to the present danger if it’s out of their earshot.

A professional electrician should install the hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for safety. When a hardwired alarm goes off, it also triggers the other alarms in the home to sound. This is extremely valuable if someone is hard of hearing or needs help from another family member. Security alarms are also triggered, ensuring the fastest help from outside emergency assistance. It’s your safety communication system.

Code For Smoke Detector Safety

JQ Electric knows how to keep your home safe from electrical fires and follow current mandatory codes. Many county laws require you to replace old-fashioned, battery-operated smoke detectors with their hardwired counterparts. Technology has paved the way for more efficient alarm systems to protect your family and property. A whole house inspector will call out battery-operated smoke detectors where code dictates a hardwired system is necessary.

You’ll need to update your detectors before you sell your house or rent it out. Insurance companies will require that your home meet the code standards before legally renting a house to tenants. Are you considering remodeling your home? Hardwiring may be necessary to pass an inspection. Regardless of code, hardwiring is an easy way to help ensure property and family safety. Your homeowner’s insurance company may lower your policy premium when a licensed contractor installs the system. It would be best to leave electrical work to the professionals, or you risk catastrophic damage or death.

Regular Testing And Electrical Inspections

Even hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be tested regularly, and batteries must be replaced. The batteries in a hardwired system service the system when the electricity goes out. They still need to be replaced over time, even though they don’t get much usage. The unit will beep when you need to replace the batteries, similar to the outdated versions.

Hardwired To Your Electrical Grid

Having your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors hardwired to your electrical grid can save you and your family’s lives. You will be alerted at the first sign of danger so you can evacuate your family as quickly as possible. Your hardwired system will alert emergency services the second the alarm sounds, expediting response teams sooner.

You may want to schedule a recurring annual whole-house electrical inspection for safety and peace of mind. You’ll rest easy knowing your electrical system works correctly, and you can update it as needed. JQ Electric is a licensed contractor and can install a smoke and carbon monoxide system at the same time.