JQ Electric Ceiling FansFor many reasons, ceiling fans are an outstanding addition to most areas of your home and outdoor entertainment spaces. They also come in large varieties to accommodate personal tastes and budgets. You’ll want to explore all the options before deciding because fans have come a long way. You might wish to add additional lighting along with the fan. Are you a DIY person? Electricity is best left to the professionals since mistakes can be life-threatening. JQ Electric can help you decide on models for different rooms and install them for you!

AC Or DC Fan Motors

Both AC and DC ceiling fan motors have pros. AC motors are less expensive and still very reliable. They are suitable for energy efficiency and commonly come with three and four-speed options. DC motors have greater efficiency than their AC counterparts. A big plus is DC motors are virtually silent. DC motors commonly come with 6-speeds and are more energy-efficient and powerful. If your budget allows, a DC motor is the best option. If you anticipate running the fans a lot, your power bill will also benefit from a DC motor.

Energy Efficiency and Fans

Like other appliances, ceiling fans come with Energy Star ratings to help the consumer understand its efficiency. An Energy Star-rated fan with lights is typically 50% more efficient than its standard equivalent. Most areas of your home, including a covered outdoor deck, will benefit from a fan. Ceiling fans can significantly reduce the amount of time you run the A/C. Moving air keeps a room comfortable even when you’re experiencing warmer temperatures. In humid climates, they can also help reduce mold.

Lights For Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan with lights can add a lot to the look of a room while combining two valuable fixtures. You can easily add personality to an area with many different styles and colors available. Halogen, incandescent, and compact fluorescent bulbs are options to choose from. Some fixtures allow you to point the light source to a particular area. The globes also come in stained glass, blown glass, and other attention-getting forms to compliment your style.

Remote Control Fans

Remote-controlled ceiling fans are a great way to go. Have you pulled on a cord you could barely reach, and it turned off the light instead of the fan? Those days are over! You can remotely control some ceiling fans and their lighting from as far away as 40-50 feet. The technology sends a frequency signal, allowing you to switch speeds or lighting intensity from across the room. Remotes are especially nice if the fan and lighting are directly over the dining table. If you’re short, this is a game-changer.

Code Requirements

You must follow the code requirements to the letter. The National Electric Code states that the fan blades must be at least seven feet above the floor. Anyone taller than that is used to ducking. But, seriously, following the code is not just about compliance. It can save your family’s life and your property. Electricity is very unforgiving and, done improperly, can overload circuits. That, in turn, can start a house fire. Hire a licensed, insured contractor to install your new ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are welcome additions that make your home more comfortable. Sifting through the endless choices is time-consuming. JQ Electric can help you find and expertly install the best models. Give JQ a call today!