Unless you have a custom-built home, chances are you didn’t get to choose your bathroom
lighting. But here’s the good news-you can change it! Whether you’re renovating your bathroom,
bathroom, just moved in, or simply tired of that old sconce, upgrading your lighting is
a simple yet effective way to transform your space. Each type of lighting, from vanity lights to
wall sconces, offers unique benefits that can enhance your bathroom’s functionality and

The bathroom is where we bathe, get cleaned up, check how we look, and prepare for the day.
High-quality, accurate lighting is essential, from applying makeup to checking our hair.

Vanity Bathroom Lighting

Vanity lights are standard in most bathrooms, with the wiring already set up for this
type of lighting. This bank of two or more lights is directly above the bathroom mirror. They are
on the same electrical circuit and controlled by the same light switch. Due to their position
directly above the bathroom vanity, these bathroom lights provide quality illumination.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a type of lighting that comes in pairs. Traditionally mounted to the
wall on either side of the bathroom mirror, they sit above the bathroom sink. Wall scones
provide an excellent lighting source because they add faint shadows to the face. Due to their
eye level or slightly above positioning, sconces are more noticeable than other lighting features
in the bathroom. They provide the opportunity to show off your bathroom’s style.

Bathroom Chandelier

A chandelier is fabulous in any room, but nothing is more stunning than a bathroom chandelier.
With a chandelier above your bathtub, you can feel true luxury as you unwind. Your bathroom
ceiling should ideally be ten feet or higher to accommodate a chandelier. Bathrooms are usually
one of the smaller rooms in a home, so try to choose a smaller chandelier to be proportionate
to the room itself.

Ceiling & Recessed Lighting

Ceiling lighting is often the primary or only source of bathroom light. It is not the best type of
light for a bathroom on its own as it usually isn’t direct or bright enough. Still, it does provide
general background lighting for using the bathroom in its most simple function.

Recessed lights, either recessed or flush with the ceiling, illuminate rooms while remaining out
of the way. The benefit of recessed lights in the bathroom is that they save space. Holes cut
into the ceiling have wires running through them, connecting multiple recessed lights. They
essentially are the opposite of statement lighting but provide abundant, high-quality lighting
ideal for a bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

Bathroom mirror lighting creates a modern look, giving the illusion that the mirror is floating in
front of the wall. The mirror lighting projects from the wall, casting a soft, hazy glow around the
mirror. Some bathroom mirror lights have LED light strips built into the mirror, giving the room
a bright, high-visibility light.

Bathroom Lighting Installation

At JQ Electric, we specialize in installing all types of bathroom lighting. Whether you’re looking
to replace your existing lighting, add more, or create a unique combination, we have the
expertise to assist you. However, it’s important to remember that safety is paramount when
dealing with electrical and lighting installations. We always recommend consulting with a
qualified electrician for proper installation and compliance. And who better than JQ, your
trusted neighborhood electrician? Give us a call today to discuss your bathroom lighting needs!