Attic Fan InstallationInstalling an attic fan can lower your electric bill and your family’s escalating impatience with the summer heat. The sweltering dog days of summer can wear anyone down. People’s health and property are at risk when temperatures soar to unbearable heights. JQ Electric is a licensed professional contractor whose installation will ensure your family’s comfort and safety. Leave electrical installations of any kind to the professionals. Electricity gone wrong can burn down your house and kill you.

Benefits of Ventilating Your Attic

You lessen the cash outflow and carbon footprint by reducing your wattage usage when using an attic fan. They help keep your home cooler more efficiently than using solely air conditioning. Think of your attic as an oven during continuous weeks of high temperatures. The roof, insulation, and framing will all suffer over the long term. We keep seeing temperatures rise for more extended periods than ever before. An attic fan helps protect your most significant financial asset from unnecessary deterioration.

Is Attic Ventilation Worth It

Attic fans come in many styles and sizes to accommodate the square footage of different sizes of homes and pocketbooks. The immediate benefit of having one is cooling your home more efficiently by sending hot air on its merry way. The unseen advantage is protecting the structure of your home. We don’t notice a slow decline of the roof or the rafters. People don’t go into their attics often. Attic fans cool that area and your home. Dangerous mold and mildew grow more quickly in an unvented area. Most of the building elements in your home benefit from a reduced temperature.

All Your Attic Fan Answers

It would be best to do your due diligence before making a large appliance purchase for your home. Electrical fire prevention is a crucial consideration when adding a new appliance. A licensed electrical contractor can assess your needs and recommend the right size for your home. An attic fan installation doesn’t take much time or disrupt your family’s activities. We can help you survive the soaring temperatures by helping cool off your home faster. Your family’s health and comfort are at stake. Call JQ Electric today so you can relax knowing help is on the way!