JQ Electric Electrical Fire Hazard FeaturedElectrical fire prevention should be top of mind for all homeowners. A house fire can cause untold amounts of damage or, worse, claim the lives of loved ones. You can take numerous steps to eliminate hazards often associated with home fires. A whole house electrical inspection by a licensed electrical contractor is money well spent. Knowing you’ve covered all the bases, safety-wise, will bring you peace of mind and help you sleep better.

Visual Signs For Fire Prevention

You can visually assess items you can see to help prevent a house fire. Go from room to room and check all the electrical cords for any breakage or fraying. Unplug any compromised cords immediately. Don’t run electrical cords in any traffic areas where damage is imminent. Check all appliance plugs for damage and have them repaired by a licensed electrician if you have any doubts.

Hands-On Signs For Fire Prevention

A hot electrical outlet is a bad sign. You need to check every outlet in your home to see if they feel hot to the touch. Have you found one or more hot outlets? Call a licensed electrician immediately to remedy this problem. Only trained electricians should perform the necessary work. It isn’t a quick-fix DIY project. Electricity is very unforgiving. Old wires and poor craftsmanship are safety hazards and account for numerous house fires. In addition, don’t splice two cords together, and minimize extension cord usage.

Power Surge Problems

Have you noticed the lights flickering when a large appliance, such as the laundry machine, starts to run? That’s a power surge, and it’s dangerous. SPDs, or surge protective devices, protect your electrical system from transient overvoltages or power surges. However, relying on these should be determined by a licensed electrical contractor. In addition, replace any small worn-out appliances in the interest of safety.

Electrical Fire Prevention Items

Roughly 17% of house fires are due to electrical malfunctions. One of the top causes is arc faults caused by corroded, loose, or damaged terminals and wires. Circuit breakers or residual current devices can’t detect low-voltage currents that generate enough heat to start a fire. The heat can deteriorate the wiring insulation and ignite nearby flammable materials.

An AFCI, or arc fault circuit interrupter, reduces the effects of arcing. It de-energizes the circuit during an arc fault aiding in fire reduction. According to the National Fire Protection Association, arcing accounts for three in five, or 63%, of home electrical fires.

New Technology For Fire Prevention

As with most technology, fire detectors have come a long way. Smart smoke detectors will notify you on your smartphone, your security company, and the fire department during an alarm. The smart smoke detector can close the air handling system to avert smoke and fire spreading. Some smart smoke detectors can give spoken directions and turn on lights for swift evacuation during a fire.

Having a licensed, insured electrical contractor perform an annual full house inspection of your electrical system is well advised. It’s not enough to do your own visual inspection. Electricity components are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. That makes it easy to forget the most straightforward deterrent for electrical fire prevention. Call JQ Electric today so that you can rest easy.