New Fashionable Landscape LightingWhen you consider landscape lighting for a new look, you’ll find a plethora of outdoor lighting options to choose from. Exterior lighting is aesthetically pleasing and improves the safety of the property. You can illuminate specific features, sculptures, or beautiful grounds. Homeowners often opt for fountains with lights in the water and light up the exterior too. JQ Electric can help you decide which lights are best suited for different areas and install them.

Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

When you light up your outdoor living space, you effectively extend your living space in the evening. Lawn games need not take place solely in the daytime. Homeowners use landscape lighting to illuminate beautiful gardens. You’ll increase your home’s property value due to better curb appeal, increased safety, and added security. You’re also less likely to have someone fall, resulting in an injury and possible lawsuit. New fashionable landscape lighting can give your property an instant facelift.

Types Of Landscape Lighting

If you want to control the brightness, choose fixtures with adjustable lumen output. Certain areas will benefit from brighter lighting, while others will be more attractive with more subdued illumination. You’ll want to use LED landscape lighting, adjustable beam spread, and for a longer lifespan. Hire a licensed electrical contractor for installation. When a professional does the work properly, you won’t have to worry about an overloaded breaker box.

Illuminating stair steps is aesthetically pleasing and an excellent safety measure. If you’re looking for something whimsical, string lights add a fairy-tale atmosphere and are less bright. You’ll want to install floodlights and spotlights for larger areas. Garden lights tend to be low wattage and offer a more subdued effect. When people have landscape lighting installed, it effectively expands their entertainment space. Motion-sensor lights light up when people or animals approach your property.

Recommendations From Electrical Contractors

Your electrical contractor can help you decide what type of lighting is best for different areas of your landscape. There are so many options available that it can be daunting. JQ Electric has decades of experience helping homeowners appoint their homes with lighting that matches their style and budget. You may decide to complete all of your landscape lighting simultaneously, but phases may better suit your budget.

Landscape Lighting And Homeowners Insurance

You already know new landscape lighting will make your home stand out from your neighbors. But you’ll also save on the bottom line of your homeowner expenses. Exterior landscape lighting and motion-detecting lighting can also reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. When you light up your home, it is less likely to get broken into by thieves. Insurance companies recognize that and reward you with smaller premiums when you add landscape lighting.

Your home is likely your most significant investment. Regular maintenance and upgrades are critical to increasing the value of your house. New fashionable landscape lighting brings instant gratification and increases the value and beauty of your home. A well-lit property is inviting to everyone except burglars. You want friends and family to be able to find your home’s driveway and walkways easily. Call JQ Electric today for expert landscape lighting.