ring outdoor security cameras featuredOutdoor security lighting is an excellent way to secure your family and property. Security lights are a simple deterrent to keep thieves or intruders away from your property. When you light up the entryways or paths on the grounds of your home, you’re less likely to have problems. There are numerous types of outdoor lighting options. JQ Electric can help you choose from the vast array of lighting choices and schedule their expert technicians for installation.

Types Of Outdoor Security Lighting

When you consider the different types of home lighting, interior lighting usually comes to mind. Outdoor security lighting comes in multiple varieties and styles. Standby lighting is part of emergency lighting if your regular main supply fails. Moveable lighting is often used on construction sites and is mobile. Security lighting that detects motion can be adjusted so the lights don’t go on whenever a leaf falls. You may opt for continuous lighting on a building that houses expensive equipment.

Security Lights With Cameras

You may be overwhelmed with the choices of outdoor security lighting systems available. We can show you different options and help you decide what is best for your needs. Many people opt for motion sensor security lights that include a camera. The equipment can notify you remotely if someone has triggered one of your lights and cameras. You must ensure you buy equipment with that function if it’s important to you.

Battery Or Electric Lighting

You can buy lights that need to be wired by an electrician into your electrical system. Battery-powered lights are also an option, but you must check them continually. People who want to ensure the safety of their home and peace of mind choose to have them wired in. You can install these if you are a serious DIY person with a professional electrical background. Otherwise, leave this to the professionals and hire a licensed electrical contractor.

Outdoor Lighting Watt And Lifespan

You can plan for your outdoor LED lighting system to last 10-15 years with the proper maintenance. What area you are lighting will determine the best wattage to use. You can avoid contributing to light pollution by using 80 watts or fewer bulbs. Low-usage areas such as gardens or pathways benefit from 40-watt bulbs. Driveways and larger areas of your property are more suited to 40-80 watt bulbs.

LED Vs. Halogen Bulbs

LED bulbs use 80-90% less electricity than Halogen bulbs. Although they are more expensive, the energy savings over time make them a great choice. LED bulbs also last much longer than their counterparts. LEDs are generally shatterproof, making them the best choice overall. You’ll save money in the long run and won’t have to change out bulbs nearly as often.

You want to keep your family and belongings as secure as possible. Outdoor security lighting is a great way to achieve that and bring peace of mind. Motion sensors detect when someone is at your front or back door and can notify you. You won’t have to wonder if that package got delivered and stolen from the front porch. JQ Electric can meet you at your property to help you assess your outdoor security lighting needs. Call them today! You’ll sleep better knowing your family and home are more secure.