Attic Fans Cool Your HouseAttic fans cool your house during the dog days of summer. Blistering temperatures are uncomfortable and make your air conditioning unit work harder to keep the interior living areas pleasant. There are several benefits to having an attic fan installed. Hot and stagnant air can cause damage without an attic fan to help during heat spells or hot periods. Read on for more information, and remember that regular service is essential for existing attic fans.

How Attic Fans Work

Your attic space gets filled with stale, hot, and humid air that can cause damage at many levels. Most homeowners store infrequently used, essential items in the attic. The fan moves the hot, moist air out and pulls fresh air in from the outdoors via existing soffit vents. It assists your HVAC system because attic temperatures often exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole house stays more comfortable by pushing hot and humid air out and replacing it with cooler air.

Benefits Of A Cooler Home

Attic fans are an economical choice for several reasons. Your air conditioner won’t work as hard when the attic is cooled. Attic fans are highly efficient and will lower the temperature of the whole house and your monthly utility bill. Go up into your attic and notice the temperature difference. Carefully look for signs of mold. Mold is dangerous for your health and home and can destroy your precious belongings stored out of sight. In addition, a properly ventilated attic will help an asphalt roof last longer and can also reduce ice damming.

Before Tackling A DIY Installation

Are you a DIY homeowner? This isn’t an incredibly complicated project, but calling a professional may be in your best interest when dealing with electricity. An overloaded breaker box is hazardous and can be a fire risk. You’ve got trouble anytime more electricity is needed than is available. Your breaker box will trip, turning off all the electricity to that area. It’s vital to ensure the draw of electricity isn’t overloaded. In addition, an improperly installed attic fan can lead to carbon monoxide issues. Remember, electricity is very unforgiving and dangerous.

Thermostat Control For Attic Ventilation Fan

Keeping your home comfortable is essential for your family regardless of the season. It’s easy to forget about the attic because we hardly ever venture there. You need to set the thermostat temperature to activate the unit, rapidly cooling down your home. Homeowners often set the attic fan thermostat to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Without this worthwhile workhorse, your attic can reach 160 degrees. Temperatures that high can cause damage to more than your pocketbook.

Properly installed attic fans can reduce your utility bill. You can extend the life of your air conditioning system by reducing the workload required. Your asphalt roof won’t get baked from the inside out when the air temperature is regulated. Saving money and keeping your family comfy is a win-win for everyone. JQ Electric can service your current attic ventilation fan or install a new one. Professional installation will ensure your home is comfortable all summer season.