Commercial Outdoor Security LightingCommercial outdoor security lighting is an excellent deterrent to thieves attempting to enter a property. Commercial property owners need to consider numerous aspects of a lighting system to deter unwelcome intruders.

There are many types of equipment and different areas to illuminate. When adding a whole new lighting system, your electrical contractor may recommend that you upgrade your electrical panel. Consult a licensed contractor for professional recommendations to ensure you are purchasing the best system for your building.

Timing And Lighting Placement

While it may seem like a good idea to illuminate all areas and keep the lights on nonstop, it’s not. Evidence suggests that lights left on all the time project an image of no one ever being present. Intruders love that scenario and consider that an open invitation to enter the building. Lighting up an area completely out of sight from cameras or onlookers also encourages illegal entry.

A commercial outdoor security lighting expert is versed in proper placement and strategic installation. Having wall or flood lights installed near surveillance devices or CCTV cameras is particularly successful. Intruders will likely abort their mission when they trigger the light and know they are on surveillance film.

Types Of Outdoor Security Lighting

There are numerous types of outdoor security lighting, and many companies manufacture them. Finding the best models and systems to service your needs can be difficult. Consulting with an installation expert will help you weed through the extensive choices. Your requirements will determine the best lighting system for safeguarding your property.

Several important factors will determine the best security lighting system for your property. Do you want the security lights activated at specific times of the day or night? You need to consider your budget for setup and operational costs. What sizes are the swaths of property and areas most crucial for the building’s security?

Exterior Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lighting is an intruder’s worst nightmare. When outdoor security lights come with motion sensors, they are called PIR (passive infrared) lights. PIR sensors in the unit indicate warm objects moving across an area. Though technically, they detect the presence of electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is lengthier than detectable light. The advantage of PIR systems is that they can detect warm bodies from other things, such as blowing tree branches. For cost and security concerns, you don’t want the sensor lights to activate whenever a squirrel crosses your property.

Commercial PIR LED Lights

LED lights have a higher price tag but have exceedingly low running costs. LED floodlights that are motion-activated have many advantages. They assist in welcoming visitors and discourage unlawful persons. PIR’s sensor technology is highly effective and less likely to sound false alarms. Leaves blowing by will set off other motion sensors in windy conditions. With PIR, you’ll have fewer false alarms, which keeps everyone more likely to jump when an actual alarm sounds.

Solar Security Lights

Solar security lights are an eco-friendly and economical option. The LED external wall fixtures and floodlights cost more, but the longer-term bulb runs at a lower cost. A super sunny environment isn’t necessary for these to work, but ask a professional before choosing this option.

Is your building needing a new or upgraded commercial outdoor security lighting system? Call JQ Electric for a professional evaluation of your security lighting needs. You’ll be glad you did!